Shop online. Earn cash back.

How It Works

Earn Cash-Back Rewards

All you need to do to earn cash back is to log in to KickItBack, link to one of the hundreds of retailers who are part of our network, and go shopping.

You'll earn cash-back rewards each time you do this; it's that easy!

There are no hidden costs or fees. KickItBack helps you earn money with cash-back rewards on your online purchases.

  1. You make a purchase from one of our Network Retailers.
  2. The Retailer pays us a marketing commission.
  3. We share some of that commission with you.

Ensuring Your Purchases Earn You Rewards

To earn your cash-back rewards, click on any retailer link on the KickItBack site or in the emails. You may be prompted to log in if you are not logged in already.

To go directly to any retailer from KickItBack:

Click any associated retailer link on the KickItBack

Getting Paid

Because we rely on retailers to tell us when you've made a purchase, it may take up to 5 or more business days for your purchase to show up as "pending" in your KickBack account. KickBacks typically become available for payout in 30 days. However, some retailers have longer return periods, in some cases as long as 60 days, which result in longer "pending" periods. Once your KickBacks are available, you can click the "Cash Out" button on the Cash Out Details page and immediately receive payment to your PayPal account.

Determining KickBack Amounts

The amount of your KickBack is determined by a number of factors. The values listed for each retailer on the retailers represent the maximum reward. These numbers are percentages of your purchase, not including shipping, insurance and/or other add-ons. Some retailers pay different percentages (or none at all) for different product categories. The exact amount you'll earn is based in part upon the commission paid to KickItBack. Your KickBack cannot exceed the amount paid to KickItBack.

More Information

More information is also available in our FAQs.